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Pronto Cardiology

Pronto Cardiology provides specific diagnostic and therapeutic worksheets for the following

In addition, Pronto Cardiology provides the following worksheets for all areas of cardiology:

Cardiac Risk Factors

  • 15 common cardiac risk factors are stored
  • Stroke risk factors
  • Metabolic syndrome

CCU Admission

  • Data is entered using the generic clinical note worksheet
  • Specific cardiovascular data used for clinical outcomes analysis is entered through other specialized data entry forms
  • Clinical outcomes worksheets

Acute Coronary Syndrome Worksheet

  • Part of the cardiac history worksheet
  • Includes presentation data used for myocardial ischemia outcomes analysis

Stress Test

  • Used to capture post-stress test events regardless of stress test type (ECG ETT, echo, nuclear, etc.)
  • Includes VO2 data

Holter Monitor

  • Full database of Holter Monitor information, including arterial & ventricular arrhythmias, brady arrhythmias, paced rhythms, and ischemia event monitoring
  • ECG traces are stored
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