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Comprehensive Data Management

Data from multiple simultaneous service accounts is shared so that multiple like or non-alike medical services can the share same patient data. One database can then be used for an entire multi-specialty medical group providing both standardized and individualized reporting style for each service account. Data tracking and outcomes analysis is available using the provided analysis routines or creating your own customized data set for use with standard computerized statistical analysis programs. The following analysis routines are included with the Pronto software:

Pronto includes a complete word processor for generating cover letters, chart notes, patient letters or other documents of any kind. The letter generator allows the insertion of database elements (logos, signature pictures, client info, etc) so that "form letters" are customizable with the click of a button. Letters may be associated with visits or client records and can be used to import and store existing word processor documents with full formatting intact (for example, existing patient letters may be imported into Pronto).

Data Tables

Any number of tables of data may be created within a Pronto client record for tracking of clinical or research information. Each data table consists of a 2-dimensional spreadsheet of data cells. Pre-configured templates may be applied to ease data entry. An example of use would be for the tracking of drug doses and drug levels.

General Procedure Volumes and Complications

A general analysis of procedure volumes using primary cross-tabulation by service type. Included are:

  • Overall patient volumes
  • Patient volumes by patient type (inpatient, outpatient, ED)
  • Service location statistics
  • Service provider statistics
  • Service assistant statistics
  • CPT (billing codes) statistics
  • Referral provider and referral group statistics
  • Payer statistics

ICD9 Statistics

  • Cross-tabulation of ICD9 (diagnosis codes) and service type

Procedure statistics

  • Detailed statistics on service providers, service types and procedure codes

Cardiac Cath Summary

  • Produces several files containing the raw clinical data by patient and by coronary lesion treated as well as summary statistics on selected clinical variables.

NYS Coronary Angioplasty Report

  • A completed NY state form DOH 3331 can be printed with the current version of the database. Direct electronic reporting with NY State will be possible.

Outcomes Analysis

Produces individualized reports based on the report type selected (list below):

  • Cardiac Stress Testing (separate ECG, echo and nuclear analysis packages)
  • Transesophageal echo
  • Vascular ultrasound
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Interventional cardiac catheterization
  • Diagnostic electrophysiology
  • Intervention electrophysiology and cardiac pacemaker
  • Myocardial infarction and CHF management
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • Cardioversion/defibrillation

Mail Merge Database Export

  • Create a mail merge database for clients based on a selection of visit encounters.
  • Create a mail merge database for referring physicians based on a selection of visit encounters.
  • Create a mail merge database for referring physicians based on a selection of address book entries.

User Defined Data Exports

  • Pronto data fields may be exported for use in other statistical packages. The format of the data export may be saved and reused so that “standardized custom” reports may be generated.

User Audit Trial

  • Pronto may be configured to provide an audit trail of user activity in patient records. Standard Security tracks user movement based on the logged-on user. Robust Security requires users to enter their ID information when entering a new record. Of course, Pronto provides a mechanism to block patient record access on a per-user basis based on a number of criteria. Pronto also allows for “research users”, where clinical information may be viewed or analyzed without revealing any patient identifier information.
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