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We know that a critical factor in the implementation of Pronto is helping our customers to feel comfortable with our products. Employees will not support what they don't understand. To insure that the implementation process runs smoothly Clinical Insight assigns a project manager to each installation. This person acts as the primary contact throughout the implementation process.

To implement our products quickly, we utilize a Rapid Implementation Process. This implementation process is broken down into the following steps:

Analyze & Plan:

We will look at your current environment to gain an understanding of your office workflow. Your requirements and long-term objectives will be documented and together we will formulate a plan with a detailed timeline for delivery. We will also assist you in establishing necessary hardware and network requirements and identify key individuals within your office who will act as "super users".

Configuration & Installation:

During this phase, we will configure Pronto according to the agreed upon specification identified during the analysis and planning step. We will install our software and if needed we will help you with your hardware and network set-up. Last, we will conduct user acceptance testing with your "super users" to ensure that we have met your needs.


A crucial step in getting Pronto up and running is actual training. We want to ensure you that your staff is comfortable with the system.

See Training Page for details


Once Pronto is up and running, we will carry out a post implementation review with you. This is done to ensure that you are happy with the system. It also helps us to gather feedback on how we can make future enhancements to improve our system to further help our customers.

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