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Clinical Examples

The University of Rochester:

he Cardiology Unit and the Department of Vascular surgery both use a single instance of the Pronto system. There are over 300 fulltime Pronto users and typically 90 to 100 workstations are logged in at any given time. Pronto has been the only source of echo reporting at the U of R since 1990 and other areas were added on starting in 1995. First to join was the Vascular Surgery department for all of their ultrasound reports (about 50 per day), followed by the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, EP Laboratory, Nuclear Imaging and finally Clinical inpatient and outpatient reporting. There are well in excess of 200,000 clinical reports in the Pronto system, and this number is increasing at a rate of more than 40,000 per year. The Pronto system is connected to the University's main clinical information system for demographics download and completed report upload. The combination of Pronto's built-in electronic faxing and CIS report upload features mean that reports no longer need to be mailed or charted or even printed. In fact, there are no patient paper-charts whatsoever for many of the services. At an average cost of $10 per dictated report, the cardiovascular services at the U of R save about $400,000 per year in transcription fees. This figure is exclusive of the savings associated with charting/retrieval and storage. In addition, efficiency is improved, so that less staffing is required (see below).

Pronto has meant that clinical services could be expanded without the need for staffing changes. The table below illustrates this fact, showing more than a three-fold increase in echocardiographic procedure volume over a 13 year period without the need to significantly increase secretarial or physician support. Technical staffing, which is needed for imaging, increased in tandem with the procedure volume. Otherwise, essentially no other additional staffing was needed to accommodate this volume increase. In addition, there were no other fixed costs to accommodate the volume change, with the exception of the need to purchase additional ultrasound scanners. Otherwise, there were no increased reporting costs, no chart storage/retrieval fees, no transcription fees, etc.

Louisville Cardiology:

Louisville Cardiology is a group of 8 physicians in a single location office. They provided a full range of cardiovascular services from echocardiography to coronary angiography and EP testing/interventions. Pronto is used to run all of their diagnostic and imaging services, in addition to clinical reporting. Several years ago, they converted to a completely chartless office by using Pronto to store all of their referral letters, lab results and ECG tracings, etc, in addition to the Pronto-generated notes. This allows access to patient data from anywhere at anytime.

Cardiology Group of Western NY:

The Cardiology Group of Western NY is the largest private cardiology practice in Buffalo, NY. They have offices in two locations separated by about 25 miles. Both offices run on a single Pronto server for all of their reporting. Like many cardiology offices, The CGWNY provides a wide range of cardiovascular clinical and imaging services, which are supported by the Pronto system.

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